Candles 1.1

Spooky 3D chills


  • Great Sound
  • Genuinely frightening
  • Excellent lighting effects


  • A couple of minor glitches
  • Short

Very good

Candles is a 3D game where you have to bring light to your house, which has been invaded by dangerous imps.

Instead of gore, Candles uses the darkness to frighten you. The game starts off in a dark forest, on a path leading to your home. A note on the door from the postman explains that you've been away for a while, and you house has been invaded by Imps. These creatures usually keep away from humans, but they have made your empty home their own.

Unfortunately, imps are dangerous and territorial. They die when exposed to light, so you have to creep around your house lighting all the candles to keep them away while you turn on the electrical generator. The generator is in the cellar...

Candles has really nice graphics, with some lovely lighting effects. The sound is really good, with great wind and creaking effects that will put you on edge. While there's nothing violent or gory about Candles, but it is scary and it's not recommended to anyone who is afraid of the dark! It's a relatively short game, and has a couple of glitches, but will satisfy any horror fan.

Candles is a fright filled game that will make an impression on you despite its short length. A great free game!



Candles 1.1

User reviews about Candles

  • by Anonymous

    awesome game.
    awesome game wish something scarier happened when the imps attck
    Pros: creepy dark setting fa...   More